My internet is out at my house until Tuesday. Honestly, it’s no big deal unless I want to watch some Arrested Development on Netflix….oh well.

Since I’ve had this time to break out some old games and play them, I had a thought – writing about some of the older games that have had an influence or impact throughout my gaming hobby.

Don't talk smack about her old school triangle boobs!

Would any of you be interested in reading about that or should I just stick to writing about newer games (which I have slacked)? I do have some things written; they just haven’t been posted.

Tell me what you guys think. I have a feeling I’ll be writing some with the lack of interwebs at my fingertips.

Also, my weekends are horrid during October. I’m volunteering for a local haunted house (it’s an awesome, registered one – not one of those cheesy ones you find spray painted signs for) that benefits the humane society here.  I’m healing from an allergic reaction to spirit gum from the haunted house. That’s right. I’m allergic to the damned resin in the spirit gum. I can roll around in poison ivy for days and never break out. Give me spirit gum or a band aid, I’m red all over.  Screw you skin.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  I know some of the older games have had tons of reviews written on them, but I thought maybe for fun I could write about games that I enjoyed.  Let me tell you. These old games are fantastic to play on your 42″ high def TV. The pixels are so huge!!!